Tsunami Fanzine’s Last Issue


The front cover of Tsunami's Summer 2011 fanzine issue. Art by Kristen McGuire.

Hello everyone,

It’s been awhile since someone’s posted on here, and it might be even longer after my post because it seems that I’ve finished the last Tsunami fanzine issue that anyone’s going to create. I’m a former member of Terrapin Anime Society (the student organization at the University of Maryland, College Park, that produces Tsunami fanzine), as well as a former Editor-in-Chief of Tsunami fanzine, and it appears that the club may not be meeting anymore, judging from the group emails I’ve been getting. Of course, this is pure speculation on my part, but I think it may be the case that TAS is on its last legs…which means that Tsunami fanzine is probably going down with it (after all, if no one’s in the club, then who’s willing to make it?).

I finished creating the (unofficial) last issue of Tsunami fanzine awhile ago, on July 27th, 2011, for the Summer 2011 issue. Although it didn’t get produced (to my knowledge) because I was late in completing it, I kept it in my back pocket, ’cause I wasn’t sure that this last issue would get produced (even though I knew that I probably wouldn’t, because of the state of the club towards the end of my time there).

Recently, however, I decided to make this available for free. This was partly because it was bugging me that I couldn’t show the final product, but it was also because people contributed to the last issue and I thought it mattered that they get shown…even if it’s extremely late. Btw, sorry again to everyone involved with TAS and Tsunami (especially the contributors) for not getting this issue produced in time.

So, here it is, the last issue of Tsunami fanzine:

(Note: It may take a little while to load. And, whichever program you use to view the issue, it’d be best to view it with the cover pages in single-page form and the rest of the issue in 2-page form – like you’re reading an actual magazine.)


Please keep in mind, this last issue of Tsunami fanzine is not meant for sale or profit. It is completely free. This is purely for entertainment and artistic purposes. All of the images found in the fanzine belong to and are copyrighted to their respective owners; TAS, Tsunami fanzine, and I do not own these images.

I know that some of this issue (especially the news section) is old and irrelevant, and that I didn’t do a great job of assembling it, but I hope you enjoy this last issue…and that TAS and Tsunami are not at their end yet!

-Chris Yi

Otakon 2009: MELL Concert


I walked into Hall D, and sat myself in the center-back part of the room. Everyone around me was getting excited for the MELL concert. Some were even getting twitchy. Truthfully, I didn’t even know who MELL was. I had only heard that she was one of the main vocalists of I’ve Sounds. So I was expecting something mellsimilar to KOTOKO, techno music that had a good refrain and lots of repetition of that refrain. However, I was in for a surprise. When then guitar strum its first note, my ears began to ring. Then the DJ turned on the techno beat, and the ground began to shake. The music was loud and almost unbearable, and MELL certainly did not try to soften her voice either. Other than that, the songs were mediocre and didn’t really fit my taste. However, the way MELL expressed herself on the stage made the concert fun. The DJ was also an enjoyable person to watch. By the end of the concert I was certain that I wanted a signed CD.

mellThe line to the signing was tremendously long, and I must admit, after 25 minutes I began to snake my way ahead by 20 people or so. Sadly, I was 3 persons away from obtaining the last CD… So instead I bought a nice poster, got it signed by MELL and received a nice bonus picture of her (posing!). From what I heard, MELL was extremely generous and signed everything for everyone. The music was okay and extremely loud, and there was even a wardrobe accident in the middle of one of the songs, but in all, the MELL concert was enjoyable.

~Leslie Pang

Wakeshima Kanon US Debut


Fantastic news for Vampire Knight fans and audiophiles: Wakeshima Kanon, singer of the Vampire Knight and Vampire Knight Guilty ending themes, is making her US debut at Otakon 2009.

Wakeshima Kanon

Wakeshima Kanon

Though she is a newcomer in the world of music, Wakeshima has already proven to be an excellent vocalist and highly skilled musician. She began her foray into music with the cello at age three, and by age 15 was already performing in classical ensembles and giving voice to a pop/rock group. She found her big break during an audition held by Sony Music Japan, winning an artist deal with Sony label DefSTAR Records.

Wakeshima’s first album, Shinshoku Dolce, was released in February 2009 and reached record-breaking sales in France’s biggest CD retailer, FNAC. Plus, the performer won the 2009 “Best Newcomer” Shoujo Beat Music Award.

This talent has been well-recognized, attracting the attention of Visual-Kei star Mana, resulting in him becoming Kanon’s sound and visual image producer for her debut single “still doll.” Gothic and Lolita fashion (also Mana’s specialty) meshes extremely well with Kanon’s music, resulting in a visual and audio sensation. Wakeshima also provided both endings for the popular anime Vampire Knight the first of which Mana was the producer of.

Fans have quite the talent to look forward to in July.

You can view the press release for Otakon as well as hear a sample of her work here

Asleep on the Job


In anticipation of the start-up of this blog, much of our staff have been dozing off in the corner…While we slowly wake them up and chain them to their desks, this site will be experiencing some changes.  Nothing too big, but some posts might change, some might disappear and others we might leave well enough alone.

The plan is for this site to be amazing by the time it’s all done and ready.  New, regular content should start coming in as well in anticipation for Otakon and the new issue of Tsunami.