Otakon 2009: MELL Concert

I walked into Hall D, and sat myself in the center-back part of the room. Everyone around me was getting excited for the MELL concert. Some were even getting twitchy. Truthfully, I didn’t even know who MELL was. I had only heard that she was one of the main vocalists of I’ve Sounds. So I was expecting something mellsimilar to KOTOKO, techno music that had a good refrain and lots of repetition of that refrain. However, I was in for a surprise. When then guitar strum its first note, my ears began to ring. Then the DJ turned on the techno beat, and the ground began to shake. The music was loud and almost unbearable, and MELL certainly did not try to soften her voice either. Other than that, the songs were mediocre and didn’t really fit my taste. However, the way MELL expressed herself on the stage made the concert fun. The DJ was also an enjoyable person to watch. By the end of the concert I was certain that I wanted a signed CD.

mellThe line to the signing was tremendously long, and I must admit, after 25 minutes I began to snake my way ahead by 20 people or so. Sadly, I was 3 persons away from obtaining the last CD… So instead I bought a nice poster, got it signed by MELL and received a nice bonus picture of her (posing!). From what I heard, MELL was extremely generous and signed everything for everyone. The music was okay and extremely loud, and there was even a wardrobe accident in the middle of one of the songs, but in all, the MELL concert was enjoyable.

~Leslie Pang

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