Wakeshima Kanon US Debut

Fantastic news for Vampire Knight fans and audiophiles: Wakeshima Kanon, singer of the Vampire Knight and Vampire Knight Guilty ending themes, is making her US debut at Otakon 2009.

Wakeshima Kanon

Wakeshima Kanon

Though she is a newcomer in the world of music, Wakeshima has already proven to be an excellent vocalist and highly skilled musician. She began her foray into music with the cello at age three, and by age 15 was already performing in classical ensembles and giving voice to a pop/rock group. She found her big break during an audition held by Sony Music Japan, winning an artist deal with Sony label DefSTAR Records.

Wakeshima’s first album, Shinshoku Dolce, was released in February 2009 and reached record-breaking sales in France’s biggest CD retailer, FNAC. Plus, the performer won the 2009 “Best Newcomer” Shoujo Beat Music Award.

This talent has been well-recognized, attracting the attention of Visual-Kei star Mana, resulting in him becoming Kanon’s sound and visual image producer for her debut single “still doll.” Gothic and Lolita fashion (also Mana’s specialty) meshes extremely well with Kanon’s music, resulting in a visual and audio sensation. Wakeshima also provided both endings for the popular anime Vampire Knight the first of which Mana was the producer of.

Fans have quite the talent to look forward to in July.

You can view the press release for Otakon as well as hear a sample of her work here

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