Otakon 2008: Udon Panel

Udon Entertainment had a fairly large turnout for a Sunday morning panel and with good reason. Known most recently for their comic book treatment of the Street Fighter franchise, this fairly small company has been receiving substantial support from Capcom to promote their franchises to a non-Japanese audience. With the massive success of Udon’s translation of the Street Fighter Eternal Challenge artbook Udon announced their acquisition of several other artbook licenses for translation. Among these are Megaman, Megaman Zero, Phoenix Wright, and Darkstalkers. Aside from the basic translations of these books additional artwork by the Udon and Capcom staff will be included in these new editions.

In other news Udon discussed the future of their Capcom based comic franchises. Street Fighter will begin its new run as Street Fighter II and a Street Fighter III comic is already seeing publication. Additionally, teasers and character biographies of the new challengers of Street Fighter IV will also be included in the run of Street Fighter III. Since the continuity of III takes place after Street Fighter II some of the franchise’s discontinued characters will make return appearances and will be aged as appropriate. Obviously this makes fans like myself hopeful to see Sakura Kasugano as a high school graduate but since no specifics were given we’ll just have to wait and see.

~Sebastian Padrino

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