Otakon 2008: Jam Project Comments

I initially was not at all interested in the JAM Project concert, most jpop doesn’t interest me, but a total lack of things to do on Friday night and the fact all my friends were going made me change my mind. For starters, the First Mariners Arena staff was about as oblivious to whatever rules were in place. I was walking with some friends of mine also with press badges and the first time, we went in, we were directed outside to one of the staff entrances as one of the people in our party had crutches. Outside, at the staff entrance, we were directed back into the main entrance where we had to go through security again, only to be told that we’re going the wrong way. I don’t blame Otakon staff for this as it was Otakon staff that led us to the correct corridor, but the First Mariner Arena staff needs some work if Otakon is to employ their services again.

As far as the concert goes, I was quite impressed. I came in not really expecting much as I had very little knowledge of JAM Project; the concert was more a means of wasting time for me. I came out of the concert with ears ringing and me having very much enjoyed the entire thing. Not enough buy the album and get it autographed, but enough that it didn’t seem like a waste of time at all. Like watching El Hazard for the nth time, hearing some of the songs really brought out a feeling of nostalgia in me. Admittedly, even now I can’t name a single one of the songs I heard, but hearing them really made me reminisce about some of the first anime that I ever saw, and how they left such an impression in my memory. One of my friends later told me I looked like I was really into the concert, so I guess I did enjoy it.

~Paul Tung

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