Frugal Otaku: Or So You Still Want to Be Able to Afford Food (Old)

(Blast From The Past Article):

Currently there is the fun little slogan “Anime, Crack is Cheaper”, and unfortunatly that statement is rather accurate. As such these columns were born to help point the way to being able to create and collect a healthy anime collection without having to go hungry at night. This is issue we will be discussing ways of getting shows cheaper. These methods are surprisingly apt for both major mainstream, or “A list” titles, and smaller “B list” titles.

Well so the first and foremost suggestion or guideline I can possibly give is to simply wait. Unless you truly free the need to go out and purchase a DVD the day it is released simply wait. In most cases it is cheaper to wait for the entire series to come out, often because then companies will bring out “Repacks”, where they will take an entire show and release it as a single brick and at a discounted price. A good example of this would be RahXephon, which is an 8 disc release (including the Movie), which is being brought out as a single brick for $90. Originally if you bought the set individually each DVD ran $30, so in total it would be $240. So by waiting and buy this repack you save $150. Another example would be Berserk, from Media Blasters, which was a 6 DVD set where the Repack again ran $90, and so you save roughly $90 by buying the Repack over individual discs.
A correlary to this is look for older titles from companies that have been re-released under discount lines. For Geneon there is the Signature Series and ADV has the Anime Essentials set. These two companies take older titles which most older fans have and bring out these shows onto or back onto DVD at a discounted price. ADV’s Anime Essentials prices usually run $20 for single DVDs containing entire OVA series such as Dragon Half and Gunsmith Cats. Geneon’s Signature Series prices top out around $20 per disc, and has such titles as GateKeepers, Serial Experiments Lain, and various movies. If you are looking for older titles and are looking to pay a cheaper price, look to see if a company has something like one of these lines, most do.
The third good way to find cheap anime, simply watch for Special Sales. For example every few months Best Buy often offers a 20% all Anime in stock at thier local chains. If you have the option of online stores, look towards places like Right Stuf and AnimeNation, both of whom periodically offer sales based on specific companies. At Right Stuf the average sale is 30% off, during one of these sales but everything has to be ordered online. Both Right Stuf and AnimeNation have weekly sales as well on select items. In AnimeNation’s case they are referred to as “Red Hot Deals” while Right Stuf’s section is “Weekly Specials”. Both can offer good deals for those willing to hold out on picking up a title. These are also good places to find great discounts on dead shows, such as Sailor Moon Season 1, uncut and in Japanese, which ran $50 on Right Stuf after ADV lost the rights to the show. Even anime companies themselves occasionally have sales. The publisher who does this most often in recent months is ADV where on average they are discounting individual discs up to 70%, but again this requires ordering through their online site.
Hopefully these suggestions will help to elevate some of the financial burden which our obsession has placed upon us. The best advice is simply to wait on gratification, waiting fo prices to become cheaper on titles you want to buy, or at the very least search for the best deal on the title before you commit your money, cause saving money is always a good thing.

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