Anime Review: Ultra Maniac

By Lena Pang

Ultra Maniac centers around two best friends, Ayu and Nina. Nina, a cute but incompetent witch, has come from her magical world to “study abroad” in Japan. While flying on her magical scooter, looking for her new home, she crashes into Ayu, and from that point onward, the two become best friends. Ayu, who outwardly seems cool and calm, is actually extremely insecure and overdramatic. Mix in Nina’s tendency to mess up every wish Ayu makes, and well, you can predict the rest.

This is another magical girl anime with nothing really unique to set it apart from the rest. The artwork is well don’t and typical shoujo. The music isn’t anything spectacular, but it matches with the anime, very cute. The plot isn’t strong and at times you’ll even forget what it is. The main focus is on relationships, mainly friendship and the individual growth of each character from child to adult. The atmosphere is extremely lively, enough to bring anyone out of a bad mood.

Overall, this anime is very enjoyable and would be recommended for any fans of the magical girl genre. However, as a warning to Wataru Yoshizumi fans, this isn’t what you’ll expect. Although Ultra Maniac was originally a Wataru Yoshizumi manga, it isn’t your typical highly dramatic, multiple love triangles Yoshizumi story line. The boy-girl love relationship drama is not a central point of Ultra Maniac like all other Yoshizumi stories. So if that’s what you were expecting, don’t count on it.

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